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Protective Packaging Products


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Pac-Edge products are made of 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable!

Your Company’s name, logo, even special handling instructions can be printed on all our products 

Our manufacturing process involves taking layers of paperboard which are then laminated and formed into rigid right angles.  Pac-Edge products can provide protection vertically or horizontally.  Whether you need to safeguard your shipments with corner or edge protection or to prevent strapping damage, we have you covered!

We have an exceptional two-color printing process that will enhance any company’s reputation. Give your company the extra advantage of conveying a high quality image. We have a variety of colors from which you can choose.


Benefits of Pac-Edge Products

  • Reduces damage in transit

  • Reinforces Pallets

  • Increases stacking strength

  • Absorbs shock

  • Prevents Shifting of products

  • Eliminates strapping marks and indentations

  • Attractive finished product

  • Clean white clay coat exterior

  • Printing projects a high quality Company image



Strap Protectors


Internal Bracing


Sheet Steel


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